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Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays at School

We want to celebrate your special day at school, too! 

We will announce student birthdays during daily announcements.

Students are invited to come to the office to receive a “Happy Birthday” pencil.

If you choose to celebrate with your classmates, here are some suggestions:

  • Invite a parent or family member to have lunch at school
  • Share a favorite book with the class or donate a book to the classroom
  • Have stickers or pencils for students in your class
  • Share a healthy snack (examples: gogurts, string cheese, graham crackers, fruit, pretzels, carrot sticks, celery stick, rice cakes)
  • Share a special piece of artwork
  • Share a story, poem, or writing
  • Share snack bags (e.g. Goldfish pretzel, crackers)
  • Share family pictures or something special from home
  • Provide a low calorie nutritional beverage or 100% juice drink
  • Tell the class a few favorite jokes or riddles

*Our desire is to promote health and wellness for all students, therefore we request that you refrain from sending other birthday treats.