Scholarship Opportunities

  • Below you will find a listing of the active local scholarships that are currently available.  Please note that some scholarships may be available only to Woodstock High School or Woodstock North High School students.  

    If you are looking for additional scholarship opportunities, please take a look at the following sites which we mention in our Counseling Curriculum:
    Fastweb - Paying For School Just Got Easier

    **Note:  Most colleges offer their own scholarships as well.  Unfortunately we don't have space to post all of those, but students can find that information on the college's website. 

    Due to the high enrollment of students at McHenry County College, for your convenience you can find a listing of their scholarships here.

Comprehensive List of Scholarships

  • Click here for a Comprehensive List of Scholarships

    Tip: Save the list in the link above to your Google Drive and highlight the scholarships for which you qualify.


    Environmental Defenders of McHenry County Scholarship
    Due March 18, 2020 - EXTENDED DEADLINE TO APRIL 1, 2020
    Award Amount:  $1000 (two awards given)
    Award is available to a resident of McHenry County who has demonstrated a commitment to schoolwork, community, and the environment.
    To apply, visit

    Environmental Defenders of McHenry County Scholarship 
    Due March 18, 2020 - EXTENDED DEADLINE TO APRIL 1, 2020
    Award Amount:  $1000
    Award is available to a resident of McHenry County who is of Latino ethnicity and has demonstrated a commitment to schoolwork, community, and the environment.
    To apply, visit

    Northwestern Nursing Scholarship 
    Due March 20, 2020 (3 different scholarships, 5 scholarship awarded)
    Award Amount:  $2500
    Awards are available for seniors enrolling in a nursing program and have a gpa of a B or better.
    For detailed information, please download the application.

    Dean Ritter Trust for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Scholarship
    Due March 23, 2020
    Award Amount:  $1000-$8000
    Student must be a resident of the state of Illinois.  The recipient of this scholarship does not need to be a US citizen.  Student must currently be a high school senior in good standing and have a significant (severe to profound) hearing loss in one or both ears.  Student must also exhibit financial need.
    For more details and the application, visit

    McHenry County Republican Women’s Club Scholarship
    Due March 31, 2020
    Award Amount:  $1,000 (two scholarships awarded)
    The scholarship will go to a student with financial need and must be a resident of McHenry County.
    To apply, please print and mail in the application.

    James Reinhard Memorial Scholarship (WHS Only)
    Due April 1, 2020 to Dr. Brown by the end of the school day
    Award Amount:  $1000
    Applicants will be judged based on English courses taken, a typed essay (blindly evaluated) printed and submitted with the application, and cumulative GPA for 7 semesters (tie breaker).
    To apply, please download a copy of the application.

    Western Illinois University - Principal's Scholarship
    Due April 1, 2020
    Award Amount:  up to $4000 (1 award for WHS and 1 award for WNHS)
    This award is available to a current senior at each of the D200 high schools who plans to attend Western Illinois University in the fall of 2020.
    To apply, save a copy of the application, fill in your answers, and share it back to Mrs. Harmer ( by the due date.

    Graphics and Print Scholarship Foundation
    Due April 1, 2020
    Award Amount:  up to $5000 renewable for 4 years
    Students must be pursuing a career in graphic communication, printing technology, printing management or publishing.  Student must be a senior in high school or a high school graduate who is enrolled in a two or four year accredited graphic or printing program at a technical school, college or university within the United States.  Student must be able to maintain a cumulative gpa of 3.0 or higher.

    Great Lakes Credit Union Member Scholarship
    Due April 1, 2020
    Award Amount:  $1000 (six scholarships total)
    The applicant, not applicant's parent, must be a GLCU primary account holder at least six months prior to applying.  Applicant must be pursuing their education toward a certificate or degree program.
    For further details and application, visit the GLCU website.

    Illinois Society of Professional Engineers – Melvin E. Luke Scholarship
    Due April 1, 2020
    Award Amount:  TBD
    Available to a Lake or McHenry County high school senior planning to study engineering at a ABET-EAC accredited college or university.  Money will be sent to the school to cover costs.
    To apply, please visit 

    Roger DeBoer Memorial Scholarship (WHS Only)
    Due April 3, 2020 by 3:30pm
    Award Amount:  TBD
    This scholarship is available to WHS seniors who demonstrate the qualities of honesty, integrity, dependability, and high moral character, and are active in community, school, and/or church-related organizations.  This award is not based on financial need or academic achievement. Applications, along with required recommendations, must be submitted to the WHS Student Services Office.
    To apply, please save a copy of the application and share your completed application with Ms. Landwehr via email.

    Dr. Edward F. Wilt, Jr. McHenry County Civil War Scholarship
    Due April 3, 2020
    Award Amount:  $1000
    Available to a senior (12th grade) student from McHenry County.  Students must submit the required essay and documentation as detailed on the website.
    For an application form and the essay question, visit

    Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois
    Due April 3, 2020
    Subject to funding, the total financial assistance will be up to $23,000
    Student should graduate by June of their senior year and should have expressed a desire to teach in an Illinois school of need.  Must have a composite score of 1110 (evidence-based reading and writing + mathematics = 1110 or higher) and a minimum score of 26 on writing and language
    To nominate yourself, visit: 

    John Swanson Memorial Scholarship (WNHS ONLY)
    Due April 9, 2020
    Award Amount:  $1000 for one male and one female
    Available to senior athletes that demonstrate a commitment to athletics and academics.  Student must show financial need.
    To apply, please download the application and return it to the WNHS Athletic Office by 3:30 pm on the due date.

    Rotary Foundation Scholarship
    Due April 10, 2020
    Award Amount:  $2,500
    The Woodstock Rotary Club offers this scholarship to high school seniors for use at a college or university that offers a two- or four-year program leading to an associate or bachelor’s degree. This is a one-year award.  The club will award a scholarship or scholarships of $2,500.00. The check shall be made payable to the award recipient and his and her chosen school.  Applicants must be a resident of the boundaries of District 200, but don't have to be D200 students.
    For a copy of the application, click here.

    Auxiliary of Good Shepherd Hospital Scholarship
    Due April 10, 2020
    Award Amount:  TBD based on the number of quality applicants
    This scholarship is available to students residing in the hospital service area who are will to attend school within the State of Illinois and pursue an education in a health-related field.  The service area includes the following zip codes: 60010, 60012, 60013, 60014, 60021, 60042, 60047, 60050, 60051, 60060, 60067, 60073, 60084, 60098, 60102, 60110, 60156. Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of attitude, education, leadership, citizenship, personality, and financial need.
    Applications can be downloaded at 

    Nancy Fike Scholarship
    Due April 10, 2020
    Award Amount:  $1000
    Scholarship will be awarded to a current senior attending high school in McHenry County.  Applicants must be pursuing a degree in education, history or the social sciences, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, provide two letters of recommendation as specified in the application, show proof of community service and write a 500 word essay pertaining to McHenry County as detailed in the application.
    For more information and the application please visit, 

    Mariana Szczesny Scholarship
    Due April 15, 2020
    Award Amount:  Ranging from $500-$2000
    Student must be a graduating senior from a high school in McHenry County and demonstrate a commitment to education and have financial need.
    For more information and the application, please visit

    Thunder Leaders Scholarship (WNHS Only)
    Due April 17, 2020
    Award Amount:  Multiple awards will be given - Amount TBD
    Available to seniors attending a 2-4 year college, technical, or vocational school.  Applicants must demonstrate leadership abilities both in school and in the community.  Applicants must also prove dedication to their studies and extra-curriculars.
    To apply, please fill out this form

    Student-View Scholarship Program
    Due April 22, 2020
    Award Amount: 1 - $5000, 2 - $1000, 10 - $500
    This scholarship will be awarded via a random drawing of all completed applications.  Students need to log on and complete a 15-20 minute application survey about colleges in our area.
    To apply, visit

    Robert Birchfield Award (formerly the ACA Recognition Award)
    Due April 22, 2020
    Award Amount:  $500 (one awarded at WHS and one awarded at WNHS)
    Available to a senior who has a superior Attitude, shows Contributions made to their school environment, and demonstrates Academic achievement.
    Please make a copy of the application, type your responses, and submit it to your School Counseling/Guidance Office.