Getting Started

  • Welcome to AP Season 2019!

    Even if you have taken an AP class before, this year comes with many changes — all of them good for you! This form will help guide you through the upcoming weeks and getting you registered for your test(s). Please note: you must complete each step on time.

    Note: Step 1 and Step 2 will be completed in your AP class 

    Step 1: Get signed in to your AP Account:

    Every student who has taken any of the CollegeBoard exams (PSAT9, PSAT10, PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, AP) already has an AP account. Either independently or with your teacher (if they have planned time to do so), you must sign in to your CollegeBoard account. If you can access your account, great!  You’re ready to enroll. If you cannot access your account, you will need to do one of the following:

    • Recover your user name OR password (use the “Forgot your password/username”)
    • If you cannot recover your user name or password create an AP 2019-2020 interim account. This account does NOT become your permanent account. It simply allows you to register for your exam(s).

    ♦ If you created an interim account, notify your teacher now. 

    • Call CollegeBoard and have them help you log into your account if you cannot recover your account. You will need to do this if you created an interim account. Their phone number is 888-225-5427.

     Step 2: Enroll in the correct course: Must be completed by August 30

    Each AP course will be assigned a unique join code. All AP students in the course must enroll in the corresponding class section. Your join code will expire on October 4.

     Students enroll by:

    • Accessing
    • Sign in with your College Board student account (you CAN use your mobile phone)
    • Enter the join code or codes (your AP teacher will provide this code)

    Step 3: Pay $15 deposit: October 4 - deadline to make deposit

    Remember that you must pay the $15 deposit to the Main Office for Woodstock North HS and to the attendance office at Woodstock HS. Changes in your test registration may incur an additional fee.  

    Any students who have financial hardship or who qualify for free/reduced status should contact their counselor or Tanya Thomas at 

    If you have any questions or if you have any special circumstances, please e-mail Tanya Thomas at


AP Courses in District 200