Prairiewood Elementary Staff

    • To contact a teacher, please use the email provided, or call our main office at 815-337-5300. You may leave a message in voicemail, or with an office staff member during class hours, and ask the teacher to return your call after school.

    • Please feel free to contact our main office at any time. We're available to help with any questions or concerns you may have. 

    • For attendance calls, please use the attendance line at 815-337-5310.



    Email Address

    Administration & Office


    Jared Skorburg


    Carol Cerny

    Principal’s Secretary

    Kathy Schweder

    Attendance Secretary

    Melissa Manke

    Building Nurse

    1st Grade

    Natalie Piemonte

    1st Grade Teacher
    Arantxa Gaudier

    1st Grade Dual Language Teacher (Spanish)
    Allison Ehardt 1st Grade Dual Language Teacher (English)

    2nd Grade

    Dawneen Connery 2nd Grade Teacher

    Marlen Ortiz 2nd Grade Dual Language Teacher (Spanish)

    Danielle Quinn 2nd Grade Dual Language Teacher (English)


    3rd Grade

    Sandy Benin 3rd Grade Teacher
    Sonia Arnold 3rd Grade Dual Language Teacher (Spanish)
    Danielle Marino 3rd Grade Dual Language Teacher (English)
    Angela Curtis 3rd Grade Teacher

    4th Grade

    Mark Jones 4th Grade Teacher
    Stephanie Bakakos 4th Grade Dual Language Teacher (English)
    Cinthia Pequeno 4th Grade Dual Language Teacher (Spanish)

    5th Grade

    John Girard 5th Grade Teacher
    Nancy Heitz 5th Grade Teacher
    Jen Bigler 5th Grade Dual Language Teacher (English)
    Olgla Veiga 5th Grade Dual Language Teacher (Spanish)

    Life Skills

     Lindsey Fritz  Life Skills Teacher
     Sarah Scholinsky Life Skills Teacher


    Dawn Firak

    Cara Fulcher Orchestra
    Chuck Jones Art
    Rob Mecklenblurg PE
    Colleen Weinberger Library Media Specialist

    Special Education
    & Student Services

    Karen Burns Occupational Therapist
    Amanda Campbell Special Education
    Becky Cosman Speech/Language Pathologist
    Marti Frisbie Lit/Tech Coach
    Lindsey Fritz

    Special Education - LifeSkills Teacher
    Emily Hellmann Psychologist Intern
    Kris Hermansson Challenge Corps
    Jane Masteller Speech/Language Pathologist
    Claudia Mendez Speech/Language Pathologist
    Kim Muschong Physical Therapist
    Melissa (Canto) O'Leary Social Worker
    Marci Plumb Psychologist
    Nora Porrovecchio Occupational Therapist
    Sarah Scholinsky Special Education - LifeSkills Teacher
    Linda Schwarz Speech/Language Pathologist
    Stacy Spring Life Skills Nurse
    Kathy Sund Physical Therapy Assistant
    Maelyn Thornton Interventionist
    Tamera Tillman Vision Itinerant
    Laura Winterton Special Education - Resource
    Jen Wollpert Social Worker
    Molly Viktora Kids Club

    Food Services

    Patty Wilson Food Services Manager
    Katherine Bronge-Nolan Food Services  
    Rosa Carbajal Food Services  
    Linda Eddy Food Services
    Amy Guzman Food Services  
    Tammy Stinger Food Services  
    Fran Sutherland Food Services  
    Karen Wietermann Food Services  



    Karen Allen

    1:1 Associate
    Harte Bejko Breakfast Associate
    Courtney Brady Lunch / Recess Associate
    Dawn Brohammer LifeSkills Associate
    Graciela Carbajal Lunch / Recess Associate  
    Kathryn Evans LifeSkills Associate
    Brenda Fischer Resource Associate
    Tracy Lightcap  RtI Associate
    Kristi Lillie Resource Associate
    Mary Beth Martin-Bellavia LRC Associate
    Alberto Martinez Bilingual Resource Associate
    Cindy Mellinger LifeSkills Associate
    Gabi Mertz LifeSkills Associate
    Connie Owcarz LifeSkills Associate
    Ashley Ryan LifeSkills Associate
    Carol Sender Lunch / Recess Associate  
    Colleen Shirley Associate
    Aimee Spark Lunch / Recess Associate
    Suzanne Stumpff LifeSkills Associate
    Angela Trevino LifeSkills Associate

    Custodial Staff

    Jeff Bruns Head Custodian
    Bob Giles Night Custodian  
    Steve Nieto Night Custodian  
    Tom Palek Night Custodian  
    Holly Roth Night Custodian  
    Dave Wilson Night Custodian